The Teacher

The Teacher

Balu’s Yoga journey began in 1998 when he was introduced to his mentor, Swami Kuttiyandi, by his father. After 4 years of practicing under the supervision of Swami Kuttiyandi he was chosen to be his assistant teacher for the following 3 years.
To deepen his Yoga studies Balu went to North India, Himachal, where he continued to practice and work as an assistant teacher. Balu's spiritual journey led him to Varanasi and Rishikesh before he settlee in Mysore for 2 years to work as an assistant teacher and to intensify his practice and his studies.

In 2009 Balu opened his own shala in Arambol, GOA. He continues to travel in India for teaching and practicing and he also regularly travels outside India to teach workshops, retreats, festivals and also teacher trainings and adjustment courses.

Balu believes that our body is a gift and a vehicle that we use for our journey through this life. This journey provides an opportunity to become a better person and thereby find our true self.
- Hari OM -