Testimonial Tatiana Burstein 2014 ac9
Tatiana Burstein
I keep practicing my drop back bend, and it brings me so much joy. Now i have to focus more on Pranayama and Meditation.
Thank you again for sharing joy, happiness and awareness. I have changed, thanks to you.
your student, Tatiana
Testimonial Leon Rocket London testimoni balu  leon
Leon Rocket London
Parampara... always respect the people that Put you on the path and look over you ..this man Balu , to me represents yoga without ego , celebrity and fan clubs , despite great knowledge and skill as a yogi.
He watched me for twenty days, two classes a day ,and knew what I needed.
I had an injury but it didn't hinder me as the whole trip was about opening my back .. to the point where I was doing 3 unaided dropbacks and back up in succession.
It must be noted an osteo once said I could never do things like sports without constant re alignment( let alone extreme backbends!), which held me back ,and I would modify up until quite recently ... words can be powerful ( choose wisely!), he was also the one that invited me all the way into the middle of second series,thank you my friend ,namaste 😊🙏🏻
Testimonial Amerigayoga testimoni  balu ameriga yoga
So I finally made it to Goa- my flight was obviously 15 years late cause I am surrounded by 20smthing Russian rasta people covered in tatoos and it smells like weed everywhere (including restaurants) but I am here for this GEM of a teacher: Balu! He is super gentle, sweet and determined. I told him about my herniated disk - he warned me to take it easy, and then just like that put me in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon) and helped me drop back- I guess this is the prescription for hernias 🤣 !!! Forever thankful to my friends @sankalpasicily for bringing him to Sicily (PS If you love ashtanga you should follow them since they are bringing amazing teachers to Sicily!)