Ashtanga Yoga TTC200 hrs

Ashtanga Yoga TTC200 hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC 200hrs ~blog/2023/3/30/2c42aa19 35b1 47f0 9854 5d22c69ee7d4
Ashtanga Yoga TTC200 hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC 200hrs
Ashtanga Yoga TTC 200hrs
Date : Nov 12th - Dec 8th 2023 (Batch 1)
Jan 14th - Feb 9th, 2024 (Batch 2)
Location : Arambol - Goa, India
Goal :
- Student will be able to lead the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series class, giving Alignment, Demonstration, Instruction and Hands-on Adjustment properly
- Student will be able to build a good and positive relationship with the student and the community , including manage a safe & good environment yoga class.

The Topic :
 - Surya Namaskar A & B, Standing asana
, Standing and Sitting asanas

- Assisting Beginners / Led class & feedback
- Vinyasa counting for the Led class
- Deeper practice, Drop back & Back up hands on
- Leading the class with Vinyasa counting  

What is the "Vinyasa Counting" is Sanskrit Number counting. It's very helpful for not only traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga led class but also your own practice. 
When U practice yourself with vinyasa counting it works like a "Mantra". Then u can go much deeper into ur own practice and finally u would feel why some call Ashtanga is "Moving meditation"
"Drop back & Back up hands on" is designed to learn more various way to helping students' depending on the students´ level.

For joining this course, please book in advance!

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