Class Rules

  • Arrive 10 minutes before class starts
  • ( DO NOT ENTER the room between the prayer)
  • Be aware of your space, place your mat at a designated spot, and if you are regularly students, please place your mat at a different spot on each class.
  • Keep the class environment quiet and serene, with minimize conversation. Take the time to sit or lay in meditation, and prepare your body and mind for the practice.
  • Be gentle and respectful in your communication. Be kind and respect others, And avoid talking or causing disruption during class, if you have a question, discreetly get the teacher's attention.
  • Mind your personal hygiene. Take a shower before practice and use a clean cloth, towel and yoga mat. Do not wear heavy perfumes or scents.
  • All belongings can be placed on the place provided, including your phone (please turn to silent).
  • Wear comfortable clothing, but nothing that is overly revealing , as this could be a distraction for beginner students.
  • During practice, avoiding drinking water is good for your own health.
  • Tell your teacher about any injuries.
  • While practicing, always listen to your body, don't go over your limit. Always remember that your body is your responsibility.

  • Enjoy your practice and share your experience, Hari Om.