Season starts 20-th October 2019 to 20-th March 2020
( Special Classes will start from 27-th October till March 13-th )
Classes from Sunday till Friday ( Saturday off )

Please Notice that JOIN the Mysore style & Special classes, One day earlier Students should book the spot with teacher.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Class
* Mysore Class (Moondays NO Mysore class, Fridays LED Class)
* Ashtanga Led Class

**New Moon Calendar**
Oct : 28-th
Nov : 26-th
Dec : 26-th
Jan : 25-th
Feb : 23-rd
Mar : 24-th

06.30-am – 08.00-am
09.00-am – 10.30-am

**Full Moon Calendar**
Oct : 14-th
Nov : 12-th
Dec : 12-th
Jan : 11-th
Feb : 9-th
Mar : 9-th
Special Class
* Back-bending
* Vinyasa
* Hip-opening
16.00-pm – 17.30-pm
Sundays & Wednesdays
Mondays & Thursdays
Tuesdays & Fridays
Due to the limited places, there is no guarantee that everyone can fit in the class. Avoiding any inconveniences, it's recommended to register online.