Class Rules

In the shala :
  • Please come 10 minutes early. If you are late skip the class and be on time next class
  • Keep the shala a silent space
  • During the practice, please AVOID drinking water

  • Please be respectful in your choice of clothing. Nobody appreciates seeing too much of anyone’s private areas. Make it easy for other students to keep their focus

  • During yoga class we sweat a lot, out of respect for the teacher and other practitioners take a shower before class and wear clean clothes
  • Bring your own towel for adjustments
  • Don’t smoke before class as the scent can be annoying for others

  • If you had a late night and/or alcohol it is better for your own health to take rest from class
  • Take ladies holiday during the days of highest flow

  • Always remember that your body is your responsibility. Knowing your limits is the best way to avoid injuries[/list]

  • Enjoy your practice and share your experience, Hari Om.