Course Testimonial

Course Testimonial Azahar Martin Sanchez testimoni course adj  azahar
Course Testimonial Azahar Martin Sanchez
Azahar Martin Sanchez
January 19th, 2018

This two months Adjustment Course has been one of the most beautiful journeys I've ever done. Balu has a very accurate, organized and methodical way of teaching and he's very committed to what he does. The fact that the group of students was small allowed him to stablish a deep connection with each of us. He took some time to know everyone;and he found and understood everyone's unique personality, weakness, strengths etc and worked towards the goal of making every single one of us learn and grow He knows exactly what you are capable of doing, and that's why he'll make you work very (very) hard. Through all this process he listens to his heart and intuition and mixes this with his wide knowledge. And this three things together makes students become better yoga practitioners, better teachers, and most important of all:better persons I have the the feeling that he "polished" my heart and made it shine brighter Thank you,always Azahar
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